10 year old Watson Prana Jose and his Mum Alison (from CFC) have teamed up with Ocean Remedy and the Stop!MicroWaste team, inventors of the Guppyfriend Wash Bag, to create a campaign to help Australian and New Zealand school P&Cs to both fundraise and help avoid microwaste shedding from school uniforms to the oceans.

The goal is to help the planet by selling the #StopMicroWaste Guppyfriend Wash Bag that is designed to capture the plastic microfibres from the school uniforms when being washed.

If you are a member of a school P&C please email us to receive information on how your school can participate.




We are proud to partner with Claire O'Loughlin from Ocean Remedy and the Stop!MicroWaste team.

Claire's research into producing her beautiful, sun-safe and eco-friendly swimwear has brought her to working with the German inventors of the Guppyfriend and then bring to them to Australia.

Her goal to "make laundry ocean friendly" has led her to conduct extensive research into microfibres and we encourage you to visit her at Ocean Remedy and the Stop!MicroWaste site to learn more and become engaged.

This can include:

- becoming a school P&C representative to work with us on Watson's P&C fundraising campaign

- learn more about the Guppyfriend Wash Bag and then buy your own from Ocean Remedy or Kathmandu and Patagonia stores.

- and participate in sharing this information to support our oceans.

We look forward to hearing from you.