The Circular Summit 2020 presents Australian and international key-note speakers, panel discussions, workshops and curated Meet Ups to assist Australian businesses in implementing eco-system change and pivot to a circular economy with the view to meet the UN’s Global Goals by 2030.

As multi-industry businesses sit at different timelines to reach their Sustainable Development Goals and implement circular economy principles the Circular Summit 2020 will offer collaborative value chain solutions, from management to production to customers. 

Addressing policy, education, ethics and resource recovery plus present innovation and investment opportunities for business leaders to capitalise on an agile circular economy transformation.The Circular Centre will launch the inaugural 3-day Circular Summit in 2020 to present Australian and international specialists to educate on various principles of the circular economy and SDG's and create unique collaborative inter-industry opportunities through events and curated accelerators and meet-ups.

Attendees will include corporate, government, entrepreneurs and innovators, academic institutions, circular and recycling professionals, design and fashion professionals, textile innovators, small and medium enterprises.

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