The CIRCULARITY Workshops are Australia's first step-by-step series designed to work through the industry specific recommendations set by the United Nations Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action and deliver a hands-on systems change event supporting leaders in the fashion and apparel industry to fully transition to circular economy principles.

Participants will learn from industry experts on topics including integrating circular design methods, creating a textile waste service, source true sustainable and ethical textiles, manufacturing both in Australia and off-shore, calculate carbon emissions and tools to communicate your commitments to both the media and buyers choosing to shop their values.


In December 2018, at the United Nations Katowice Climate Change Conference in Poland (COP 24), the global fashion industry launched the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action (”the Charter”), an initiative aimed at pushing the industry to take greater steps to address climate change.

CIRCULARITY #1 is the first in a series of one-day hands-on systems change workshops created by the Circular Centre for the garment design industry; supporting all clothing designers from design students, emerging fashion designers, textile sourcing teams, large fashion companies through to manufacturers of apparel including corporate clothing, school uniforms and work-wear.

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Sustainable Textile Sourcing Event


Saturday December 14, 2019
Energy Labs Sydney, UTS.


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CIRCULARITY #2 will be on Sunday 8th March 2020 to celebrate International Women's Day.